The Persistence of Vision Raytracer (POV-Ray).

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138User interfaceFeature Request3.70 beta 37aVery LowLow"Rename" option in File menuTracked on GitHub
Task Description

Would be great if there were a “Rename” option in the editor File menu to rename the current file name. Otherwise, you have to close the file, rename it in file manager, then open the file again, thus loosing the current tab position and undo history for the file.

140Platform-specificFeature Request3.70 beta 37aVery LowLow"Reload" option in File menuTracked on GitHub
Task Description

Would be great to have a “Reload” option in the File menu to manually reload the current file from disk, discarding all subsequent changes since the last save.

206OtherPossible Bug3.70 RC3Very LowLow"Cannot open file" error when text output files specifi...Tracked on GitHub
3.71 release Task Description

I created an INI file which specifies the Input_File_Name, Output_File_Name, and also the Render_File and the remaining four text outputs as double-quoted absolute paths on my disk. When I run the render, I get the following output:

Preset INI file is ‘C:\USERS\TPREAL\DOCUMENTS\POV-RAY\V3.7\INI\QUICKRES.INI’, section is ‘[512×384, No AA]’.
Preset source file is ‘D:\Ruby\POV-Rb\ini\20110521_004037_Noix.ini’.
Rendering with 2 threads.
Cannot open file.
Render failed
CPU time used: kernel 0.06 seconds, user 0.02 seconds, total 0.08 seconds.
Elapsed time 0.52 seconds.

And the render does not start. The five text output files are not even created, and where the output image should be, there is a file with extension pov-state. The render works as it should only when I remove all five lines defining the five text output files. The paths I specify for the files are correct (paths exist and files do not, no white-spaces or anything), read/write restrictions are disabled in POV-Ray. This used to work in 3.6 and does not work now in 3.7 RC3. The error happens no matter if I run the render using GUI or command line.

(Also please note that the error message is really not useful here, it does not say which file it failed to open, and not even if it was an attempt to open for read or for write.)

I’d be really glad if you could correct this as it’s a critical functionality for me. I’m generating the POV-Ray code automatically and I need to parse the text output automatically to return the status to the generator.

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