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245POV-RayOtherFeature RequestAllDeferLowPOVMS message queue can fill up with GB of data for ver...Tracked on GitHub
Task Description

With very fast renders and very large output files, the message queue can fill up because the producers are not limited by IO, while the consumer performance is limited by disk IO. Consequently, the message queue can fill up to exhaust all available memory. The solution is to build in some better control of pending output data in the message queue on the producer side. This will also pave the way for message communication over slow links (i.e. a network).

 244 POV-RayTexture/Material/FinishUnimp. Feature/TODO3.70 RC5Very LowHigh Crand is disabled in 3.7 code Closed
Task Description

Turns out the crand feature, which depends on a real random number generator (and hence has threading issues) was disabled early on during 3.7 development, and hasn’t been fixed yet. The code is commented out in line 2426/2427 of trace.cpp.

 141 POV-RayDocumentationCompatibility Issue3.70 beta 37aVery LowLow Document changed behavior processing INI files Closed
Task Description

The documentation assumes that INI files (as well as the command line!) are parsed and processed instantly. This no longer holds true for POV-Ray 3.7, where parsing INI files (and the command line) and processing it are separate operations that occur at different times. As such, one consequence is that INI file options only take effect after reading the whole INI file, and possibly later.

As such, documentation statements such as <>
“Note: that these options take effect immediately when specified. Obviously any error or warning messages that might occur before the option is read will not be affected.”

Are no longer correct. It needs to be explained that options only take effect after the INI file has been read. An error in the INi file causes other options _not_ to take effect because reading of the INi file is aborted prematurely.

75POV-RayGeometric PrimitivesUnimp. Feature/TODO3.70 beta 34Very LowMediumReplace POV_MALLOC with std::vector in shape codeTracked on GitHub
Task Description

In the files bezier.cpp, fpmetric.cpp, fractal.cpp, hfield.cpp, isosurf.cpp, lathe.cpp, poly.cpp, polygon.cpp, prism.cpp, sor.cpp, and sphsweep.cpp the use of POV_MALLOC can be replaced by std::vector quite easily because the containing class already is a C++ class. As this is a low hanging fruit for continued code cleanup, it should be done sooner rather than later.

27POV-RayOtherFeature Request3.70 beta 32Very LowLowAdd texture support to background statementTracked on GitHub
Task Description

Adding full texture statement support to the background statement (with a scale of 1/1) aligned with the image_map direction of an image would allow i.e. specifying an image as background easily.

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