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311POV-RayUser interfacePossible Bug3.70 releaseVery LowLowElepsed time error on very long rendersTracked on GitHub
Task Description

On a very long render, around day 24, the elapsed time display becomes incorrect, showing 4294967272d 4294967272h 4294967272m 4294967272s.

Found on Windows 7 64 bits and reproduced on Windows 7 32 bits.
NOT reported on other platforms.

 175 POV-RayRadiosityFeature Request3.70 beta 39Very LowLow Radiosity. Emissive and scattering media don't illumina ...Closed
Task Description

Tested with beta 40. Also affect version 3.6.1 as reported in the discution group.

When using radiosity and emissive media. Any object, or part of, that is inside the media container is not affected by the illumination comming from the media.

When using scattering media, the light scattered by the media also don’t affect objects that are inside it’s container.

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