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79POV-RaySource codeFeature Request3.70 beta 35aVery LowLowFull-Featured Test-Scene to check the correctness of po...Tracked on GitHub
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it would be nice if there exists a test scene (not a benchmark) which has a high coverage of povray source and can be used as correctness validation of povray. It schould be produce an image which can be compared to a golden reference image.

It may be also possible to create a regression test suite which does automatic comparision of the render results.

 78 POV-RayPhotonsPossible Bug3.70 beta 35aVery LowHigh Wrong rendering of BeamTest-Scene in 3.7.beta.35a Closed
Task Description


following scene will not be rendered correctly in 3.7.beta.35a:

maybe it is a configuration problem or it is a real bug.

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