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25POV-RayAnimationDefinite Bug3.70 beta 32DeferLowPause sometimes fails when rendering animationTracked on GitHub
Task Description

There is an issue where the pause button in POVWIN will sometimes not work during an animation (primarily where the frame rate is high), and furthermore, POVWIN can then get into a state where it’s not possible to use the pause until it is re-started.

Newsgroup report.

181POV-RayBackendUnimp. Feature/TODO3.70 beta 40Very LowMediumUnimplemented, altered or missing features to document ...Tracked on GitHub
Task Description

This is a list of unimplemented features and things to fix with respect to 3.7 vs 3.6 compatibility. They either need to be fixed in code, or failing that, to be documented prior to release.

Create_INI works differently from 3.6. Prior versions of POV-Ray would write all options to the file, even if they were not supplied by the user (non-supplied options would take the default value). Currently in 3.7, only supplied options are written, because the front-end does not send unused options to the back-end. The proper fix for this would be to have a set of defines that establish the defaults all in one place (currently we rely on hard-coded values scattered around the code), and for the Output_INI_Option() function to look up and use the default when not supplied. As this is not likely to be done before 3.7 release, we need to document it as a temporary situation.

The following messages are marked as ‘currently not supported by code’ in povmsgid.h. We need to check where this comment is correct and if so the docs need to be updated to indicate this (for items that are already documented). Some items may be re-implemented later, and some may never be:

  • kPOVAttrib_TestAbort
  • kPOVAttrib_TestAbortCount
  • kPOVAttrib_VideoMode
  • kPOVAttrib_Palette
  • kPOVAttrib_DisplayGammaType
  • kPOVAttrib_FieldRender
  • kPOVAttrib_OddField
  • kPOVAttrib_AntialiasGammaType
  • kPOVAttrib_LightBuffer
  • kPOVAttrib_VistaBuffer
  • kPOVAttrib_DrawVistas

This bug should be edited to add/remove items as time goes by.

 1 POV-RayBackendDefinite Bug3.70 beta 32Very LowMedium Mesh not smooth in 64-bit beta 32 Closed
Task Description

Beta 32 is failing to render a mesh2 smoothly on 64-bit XP - output shows flat triangles rather than smoothed triangles.
Issue is not present in 32-bit build.

Reported in Demo image rendered using standard chessmesh scene.

 11 POV-RayConfigure/BuildCompatibility Issue3.70 beta 32Very LowLow Need to rename Rect to avoid clash with OSX Closed
Task Description

The Rect data type needs to be renamed to avoid a clash with a Mac OSX declaration. It was originally called Rectangle, but this clashed with a Windows declaration. Something more POV-specific should be used, e.g. PovRect.

 3 POV-RayDocumentationUnimp. Feature/TODO3.70 beta 32Very LowMedium Documentation needs to be updated for version 3.7 Closed
Task Description

The version 3.6 documentation needs to be updated to suit the changes for version 3.7.

 159 POV-RayFrontendPossible Bug3.70 beta 38Very LowLow Test bug for checking features of flyspray Closed
Task Description

Test bug for checking features of flyspray.

 29 POV-RayImage formatUnimp. Feature/TODO3.70 beta 32Very LowMedium Re-implement image output to STDOUT Closed
Task Description

Versions of POV-Ray prior to 3.7 had the ability to write the image output as a stream to STDOUT. This was particularly useful in unix as it allowed POV-Ray output to be directly piped to other processes.

The introduction of SMP and the associated non-linear generation of pixels complicates stream output to the extent that it is not currently available in v3.7.

At a minimum 3.7 must at least be able to write the completed image to STDOUT after a render - this is not an optimal solution but is better than nothing. Ideally however once entire lines are complete (most likely this will occur in batches due to the block nature of the render subdivision) these lines will be written immediately to STDOUT (after possibly being processed through the appropriate image format routines).

NB currently the image format routines are not invoked until the entire render is completed, so to do this would be a significant modification. However if we limit real-time stream output to “simple” non-compressed formats (e.g. PPM), it would not be overly difficult, and from the point of view of Unix-like operating systems (where the piping feature is most useful), if the data is in PPM format it can easily be transformed into anything else.

 2 POV-RayPlatform-specificCompatibility Issue3.61cLowHigh POV-Ray 3.6x does not work properly in Vista Closed
2009-05-30 Task Description

There are a number of problems with the Windows version of POV-Ray under Windows Vista. To resolve these, the setup program needs to be re-written and the location of internal files changed.

 174 POV-RaySetup/InstallDefinite Bug3.70 beta 39Very LowMedium I/O Restriction defaults not being properly set for POV ...Closed
Task Description

I/O Restriction defaults are not being properly set on a fresh install of POVWIN.

See this thread for more information.

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