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Attached to Project: POV-Ray
Opened by Jim Holsenback - 2010-04-18
Last edited by Christoph Lipka - 2010-06-19

FS#100 - cutaway_textures

When using cutaway_textures the differenced part traces black. Simple scene file attached.

Closed by  Christoph Lipka
Saturday, 19 June 2010, 01:07 GMT
Reason for closing:  Fixed
Additional comments about closing:  

No further beta tester feedback on the original problem for way over a month now; I consider that good news. (For the issues regarding POV-Ray 3.6 behavior, see FS#115.)

Jim Holsenback commented on Sunday, 18 April 2010, 10:28 GMT

Don't see the attachment, so I'm adding the scene file here:

#include "colors.inc"
#include "woods.inc"

camera {
  location  <-1.5, 1.5, 2.5>
  look_at   <0, 0,  0>
  right     x*image_width/image_height

light_source {
  <-10, 10, 10>
  color rgb 1.0

background {rgb <0.5,0.175,0>}
plane {y,0 pigment {rgb <0.5,0.175,0>}}

difference {
    box {<0,0,0>, <0.5,0.25,1>
            texture {
                    scale <0.5,0.25,1>
                    translate <0.25,0.125,0>
                    finish {ambient 0 diffuse 1 }
                    normal {agate 0.1 scale 0.1}
    cylinder {<0,0.25,-0.2> <0,0.25,1.2>, 0.05}
Christoph Lipka commented on Monday, 19 April 2010, 05:42 GMT

fixed with change #4943

Jim Holsenback commented on Thursday, 20 May 2010, 17:44 GMT

Think this is still a problem. See the attached scene file. Find the WindowFrameSegment declaration for more info. The scene as-is shows the problem (SOME portions of the difference inherit the color of the room) the window opening is scaled larger to show that they AREN'T touching. The problem goes away when (in WindowFrameSegment) the 1st occurrence of the applied texture is commented out and the 2nd occurrence is uncommented, and cutaway_textures is commented out.

   Work.pov (6.7 KiB)
Christoph Lipka commented on Friday, 21 May 2010, 15:11 GMT

While I do agree that the way it works now after change #4943 is not ideal, it seems to perfectly match the behavior of POV-Ray 3.6 now, so I’ll still consider this error fixed and pending testing, and suggest opening a new error entry instead.

(Please be careful with changing an error’s status fields; in general, if the error is open and assigned to some other person, please don’t do any changes to the error except for adding comments, and leave it up to the person assigned to the error to update the status fields accordingly. Reverting changes to some of the fields may be quite cumbersone, especially regarding the “Due in Version” field.)

Christoph Lipka commented on Saturday, 19 June 2010, 01:04 GMT

see FS#115


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