The Persistence of Vision Raytracer (POV-Ray).

This is the legacy Bug Tracking System for the POV-Ray project. Bugs listed here are being migrated to our github issue tracker. Please refer to that for new reports or updates to existing ones on this system.

ID Category Task Type Reported In Priority Severity Summary Status Progress  desc Due In Version
323 User interface Possible Bug 3.70 release Normal Very Low Tooltip for render speed status bar has wrong unit Tracked on GitHub 0%
288 Geometric Primitives Possible Bug 3.70 RC7 Normal Low Tolerance problem with refraction in blobs in CSG inter... Tracked on GitHub 0%
205 Documentation Unimp. Feature/TODO 3.70 RC3 Normal Low Syntax documentation uses inconsistent notation Tracked on GitHub 0%
327 Parser/SDL Feature Request 3.70 release Normal Low Support for non-ASCII characters in filename strings Tracked on GitHub 0%
133 Geometric Primitives Feature Request 3.70 beta 37a Low Very Low Subdivision support Tracked on GitHub 0% Future release
81 Geometric Primitives Definite Bug 3.62 Normal Medium sphere_sweep generating artifacts Tracked on GitHub 0%
243 Geometric Primitives Unimp. Feature/TODO All Low Low Sphere sweep behaves wrong when scaled Tracked on GitHub 0% Future release
91 Texture/Material/Finish Feature Request 3.70 beta 36 Low Low Slope pattern applied to object is not transformed afte... Tracked on GitHub 0% Future release
251 Parser/SDL Possible Bug 3.70 RC6 Normal Medium Scene / include files of >2GB size may cause problems Tracked on GitHub 0% 3.71 release
326 Other Definite Bug 3.70 release Normal Low restricted setting ignored in 3.7 Tracked on GitHub 0%
20 User interface Feature Request 3.70 beta 32 Normal Very Low render window behavior Tracked on GitHub 0%
47 Preview Possible Bug 3.70 beta 32 Normal Low Render Preveiw window can become disabled Tracked on GitHub 0%
246 Other Possible Bug 3.70 RC6 Normal Low Regression on scale limit between 3.7 and previous rele... Tracked on GitHub 0%
286 Texture/Material/Finish Possible Bug 3.70 RC7 Normal Low reflection exponent other than 1 causes black artifacts... Tracked on GitHub 0%
300 Other Feature Request 3.70 RC7 Low Very Low Reference Documentation Support Tracked on GitHub 0%
99 Refactoring/Cleanup Unimp. Feature/TODO 3.70 beta 36 Low Very Low Refactor engine (front- & back-end) code for Unicode su... Tracked on GitHub 0% Future release
7 Radiosity Unimp. Feature/TODO 3.70 beta 32 High Medium Re-implement Radiosity render abort/continue support Tracked on GitHub 0%
172 Image format Unimp. Feature/TODO 3.70 beta 39 Normal Low Re-implement progressive image output Tracked on GitHub 0% Future release
71 User interface Unimp. Feature/TODO 3.70 beta 34 Normal Low raise warning when command line option has no effect Tracked on GitHub 0%
245 Other Feature Request All Low Low POVMS message queue can fill up with GB of data for ver... Tracked on GitHub 0% Future release
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