The Persistence of Vision Raytracer (POV-Ray).

This is the legacy Bug Tracking System for the POV-Ray project. Bugs listed here are being migrated to our github issue tracker. Please refer to that for new reports or updates to existing ones on this system.

ID Category Task Type Reported In Priority Severity Summary Status Progress Due In Version  desc
41 Other Feature Request 3.70 beta 32 Normal Low improve command-line parsing error messages Tracked on GitHub 0%
42 Other Definite Bug 3.70 beta 32 Normal Medium command line parameters are not parsed properly on Unix Tracked on GitHub 0%
242 Other Feature Request All Low Very Low Algorithm to fix the so-called shadow line artifact Tracked on GitHub 0%
246 Other Possible Bug 3.70 RC6 Normal Low Regression on scale limit between 3.7 and previous rele... Tracked on GitHub 0%
273 Other Definite Bug 3.70 RC6 Normal Medium No automatic backup files from inc files Tracked on GitHub 0%
300 Other Feature Request 3.70 RC7 Low Very Low Reference Documentation Support Tracked on GitHub 0%
301 Other Definite Bug 3.70 RC7 Normal Low Fallback to default image size causes wrong values to b... Tracked on GitHub 50%
302 Other Possible Bug 3.70 RC7 Normal Low confusing error message when .ini file cannot be parsed Tracked on GitHub 0%
303 Other Definite Bug 3.70 RC7 Low Very Low wrong bit depth reported for OpenEXR file format Tracked on GitHub 0%
321 Other Definite Bug 3.70 release Normal Low bounding threshold inconsistency Tracked on GitHub 90%
326 Other Definite Bug 3.70 release Normal Low restricted setting ignored in 3.7 Tracked on GitHub 0%
58 Parser/SDL Unimp. Feature/TODO 3.70 beta 32 Low Low allow SDL code to detect optional features Tracked on GitHub 0%
145 Parser/SDL Feature Request 3.70 beta 37a Normal Low Stack trace report on error Tracked on GitHub 10%
263 Parser/SDL Feature Request 3.70 RC6 Normal Low Functions and patterns for finish variations Tracked on GitHub 0%
299 Parser/SDL Feature Request 3.70 RC7 Normal Low Object Properties Feature Tracked on GitHub 0%
327 Parser/SDL Feature Request 3.70 release Normal Low Support for non-ASCII characters in filename strings Tracked on GitHub 0%
335 Parser/SDL Possible Bug 3.70 release Normal Low macro works in variable but not in array Tracked on GitHub 0%
70 Photons Unimp. Feature/TODO 3.70 beta 34 High High load/save photons should be controlled via command line Tracked on GitHub 0%
252 Photons Definite Bug 3.70 RC6 Normal Low photons and light_group is broken Tracked on GitHub 0%
264 Photons Unimp. Feature/TODO 3.70 RC6 Low Low Improve precision of photon direction information Tracked on GitHub 0%
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