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310POV-RayEditorFeature Request3.70 RC7Very LowLowEditor should remember bookmarksTracked on GitHub
Task Description

Now the editor remembers only the cursor positions of the loaded files when starting a new PR session. It would be more friendly to remember whether the window was split or not, as well as the bookmarks.

 280 POV-RayEditorPossible Bug3.70 RC7Very LowMedium editor issue Closed
Task Description

The following editor issue experienced in 3.7 RC 6 under Win7/64::

Place the curser at the middle of a row.
Press enter. Now the line has been split and the cursor is at the beginning of the new line, followed by the rest of the original line
Press backspace.
Instead of restoring the original line, the second part of the line disappears.

RC 3 under Vista/32 (and earlier versions) behave normally.

273POV-RayOtherDefinite Bug3.70 RC6Very LowMediumNo automatic backup files from inc filesTracked on GitHub
Task Description

If enabled, POVray always created backups of pov and inc files once per session.
Now using 3.7 RC6 only pov file backups are created but not from inc files.

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