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 260 POV-RayConfigure/BuildCompatibility Issue3.70 RC6Very LowLow Patch to let POV-Ray builds with boost >=1.50 Closed
Task Description

Originally resolved in
Attached is a patch with Gentoo-specific code removed.

There are two parts in this issue:

  • The newer boost library requires downstream users to explicitly link to the boost system library (-lboost_system).
  • The newer boost library replaced TIME_UTC with TIME_UTC_, because glibc added TIME_UTC.
 257 POV-RayOtherDefinite Bug3.70 RC6Very LowLow POV-Ray cannot find input file when resuming to render  ...Closed
Task Description

How to reproduce:

# An empty directory, an empty source file.
$ mkdir test && cd test && touch test.pov
# Generate the first 24 frames.
$ povray -D +KFF24 +Itest.pov +Otest.png
# Try to generate the 25th frame.
# `25' after `+KFF' can be changed to any integer greater than 24.
$ povray -D +C +KFF25 +Itest.pov +Otest.png

What happens:

==== [Parsing...] ==========================================================
Possible Parse Error: Cannot find file 'test.pov', even after trying to append
 file type extension.
Parse Error: Cannot open input file.
Fatal error in parser: Cannot parse input.
Render failed

OS: Gentoo AMD64 unstable
POV-Ray version: 3.7.0 rc5

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