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 143 POV-RayBackendFeature Request3.70 beta 37aVery LowLow explicit Output_File_Name for images/animations Closed
Task Description

The ability to specify an exact name for output images during animations would be great. As it is, POV-Ray appends a numerical designation to each image (e.g. image001.png, image002.png, etc. Overriding this behavior would allow certain tasks to be accomplished without cluttering the hard drive. For instance, an image could be rendered over and over again. Certain things like cellular automata, ripple tank simulations and feedback fractals could be performed without the resulting long list of images in a given directory.

The command line option could be in the form of +oefile/+Output_File_Name_Exact=file or some such.

142POV-RayTexture/Material/FinishFeature Request3.70 beta 37aVery LowLowcamera_view pigment from MegaPOVTracked on GitHub
Task Description

I probably don’t have to explain why the camera_view pigment in MegaPOV was important, but I will list some reasons anyway:

1) post-processing could be performed in-scene
2) new types of focal blur effects could be created
3) feedback fractals were possible

I’m sure there are many others, as this is one of those features that has undetermined potential!

 46 POV-RayLight sourceUnimp. Feature/TODO3.70 beta 32Very LowLow area_illuminate in area lights is not taking fade_dista ...Closed
Task Description

It seems that the new area_illuminate flag for area lights does not take into account fade_power and fade_distance. The illumination falloff is still being calculated from the center of the light_source.

Here’s some relevant code:

  look_at 0
plane{y,0 pigment{rgb 1}}
  area_light x*10, z*1, 8, 8
  fade_power 2 fade_distance 1
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