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47POV-RayPreviewPossible Bug3.70 beta 32Very LowLowRender Preveiw window can become disabledTracked on GitHub
Task Description

If a render is continued with the +c option and the render had completed, the render preview window will disappear and the show/hide render window button will be grayed. Even after the scene is modified and the command line options have been changed, the show/hide button will still be grayed.

Opening or changing to another scene and rendering will not restore the button, nor will rendering with +d. However, if a trace is started using -d, halted, then continued using +d (or allowed to finish completely with -d and a new one is started using +d), then the preview window is restored.

This behavior is different from 3.6.1, which correctly always showed the preview window (since +d is default) unless -d was specified.

 43 POV-RayEditorDefinite BugAllVery LowLow Commas in path name Closed
Task Description

In POV-ray 3.7 beta 33 under Windows XP, the editor’s MRU list incorrectly handles files that have a comma in the pathname. Only the part of the name before the comma appears on the MRU list, but the rest of the name is left off.
Consequently, the file cannot be reopened via the MRU list. The file is also not reopened on launch if pov was closed with the file open. This also occurs in 3.6.1, I haven’t tried it under 3.6.2 yet.

Interestingly enough, a quick peek in the registry shows that both 3.6 and 3.7
are saving the entire path name correctly under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\POV-Ray\v3.6\POV-Edit\Recent (or \v3.7\POV-Edit\Recent).

This seems to be limited strictly to the editor’s MRU list. The file can still be opened normally using the open dialog box. Calling POV-ray from the command line and using a file or path name with commas in it works correctly. Included files with commas in the path work correctly, and the Tools→Edit last rendered file/View last rendered file work correctly also.

To duplicate, save a file with a comma in the pathname (either in the directory
name or the filename itself). Close the file, then attempt to reopen it using the MRU list in the file menu.

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