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Opened by Christoph Lipka - 2010-04-14
Last edited by William F Pokorny - 2017-01-19

FS#96 - User-defined warps

User-defined warps would be nice to have, something along the lines of:

warp {
  function { MyFnX(x,y,z) } // function to compute pattern-space x-coordinate from object-space <x,y,z> coordinate
  function { MyFnY(x,y,z) } // ditto for pattern-space y coordinate
  function { MyFnZ(x,y,z) } // ditto for pattern-space z coordinate

// a displacement warp:
warp {
  function { x + MyFnX(x,y,z) }
  function { y + MyFnY(x,y,z) }
  function { z + MyFnZ(x,y,z) }
Žan Trajkov commented on Thursday, 15 April 2010, 12:46 GMT


i think, i should look in some older source archives of my private POV build. :-) Sometime last year or earlier i think i implemented this functionality in an early beta version of the sources of POV3.7

If i found the code, i could donate this functionality. :-) I should check, if the code is complete for donation.
I haven't time to finish it for publishing (code clean-up, examples, docu text snippets) and then i forgot it.

If you are interested, i will check, if i can "port" it to last public available source base of POV3.7 and create at patch
of the differences. I could also send it to you "raw".

I'm at moment not at home, but i will give feedback here, when i checked it.

Greetings from Germany

Christoph Lipka commented on Thursday, 15 April 2010, 13:21 GMT

Thanks Zan - that would be very much appreciated!

Please don't submit diff files though; part of the codebase still keeps changing fast, and it's easier for the dev team to merge complete files. A patched older beta would then do almost as fine as the most recent one.

As for polishing it all up: If needs be, I guess I'd volunteer to help with that part of the job.

(Greetings both from and to Germany :-))

Žan Trajkov commented on Friday, 16 April 2010, 08:29 GMT

I've checked my sources and luckily I found the code. :-) I have coded it 2 years ago in february 2008. It looks like that all
code is ready for publishing and I think refactoring needs are minimal.
Hope, it will be a good starting point for inclusion.

The codebase is POV3.7Beta25b → rather old. :-)

I've zipped the whole directory. Please pick up what you need.

For inclusion of my code into MegaPOV, i have marked my changed
places with a ZTV_FUNCTION_WARP-define. I never mind, it will be
"directly" included into official POV... ;-)

Last evening I start VS2005 and try to check at least my last test.pov
file with one of the POV example scenes (warps.pov?), where i changed
the warp type to function warp, but I lost. My Beta25b has too much expired!
No chance to check it.
What will be a good test scene? Your example at the bug tracker?


function warp:
Allows you to use a function { } block as warp.

warp {


example: maybe your code snippet from FS#96

What can be used: see description of "function as pattern" (section 5.4)

The function warp uses the X, Y, Z values for setup the calculation engine.


I donate the code on a as-is base. If it fits in your needs, use it freely! :-) If it not fit, modify it... :-) I left it to the POV-Team to choose a suitable license for this code. This include
the right to change the license(s) to whatever the POV-Team need, anytime. It's not
needed to ask me for permission for a license change, modification, etc.
Hope, this is clear... :-)

So, enough words written.

Please look at the sources and use, what is suitable.
Criticism, tips, questions, etc are always welcome... :-)

Thanks for your help to polish up things.

PS.: <german>Schön, daß es noch eine nützliche Verwendung für meinen Code gibt.<\german> :-) PPS.: Sorry for my (possible) bad english

Thorsten Fröhlich commented on Tuesday, 23 August 2011, 06:15 GMT

Christoph, I assume you would be willing to review and add this past 3.7 release?

William F Pokorny commented on Thursday, 19 January 2017, 15:02 GMT

Now tracked on github as issue #193.


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