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Opened by Jonathan - 2014-05-29
Last edited by William F Pokorny - 2016-11-29

FS#323 - Tooltip for render speed status bar has wrong unit

Tooltip popup for render speed always displays as “Pixels per Second” rather than matching status bar. I’ve noticed it in 3 renders so far. Most of my renders are fast enough not to see any other unit besides PPS, but I should be able to reproduce again if necessary.

Jonathan commented on Thursday, 29 May 2014, 17:08 GMT

Found it in povray/windows/pvtext.cpp line 1976 on 3.7-stable branch.

              case StatusPPS :
                   if ((s = strchr(str, ' ')) == NULL)
                   *s = '\0';
                   sprintf(sbToolText, "%s Pixels per Second", str);
                   break ;

String was hard-coded. Either I or someone with time on their hands will need to review to see if the unit is available in scope or retrievable by method or property.

Jonathan commented on Thursday, 29 May 2014, 18:07 GMT

Status bar itself is updated from povray/windows/pvengine.cpp line 677 on the 3.7 branch

char *PPS_String (unsigned pixels, unsigned renderseconds)
   static char str [128] ;

   if (rendersleep)
     return ("PAUSED") ;
   if (renderseconds == 0)
     return ("??? PPS") ;
   if (pixels / renderseconds < 5)
     if (pixels * 60 / renderseconds < 5)
       sprintf (str, "%u PPH", pixels * 3600 / renderseconds) ;
       sprintf (str, "%u PPM", pixels * 60 / renderseconds) ;
     sprintf (str, "%u PPS", pixels / renderseconds) ;
  return (str) ;

The method could be moved to pvedit.cpp, but the original renderseconds and pixels at first glance doesn't seem available. If I can trace the flow of the number, perhaps the original string could be sent instead. Otherwise the string could be converted using something like strtoul, math applied, and then string rendered appropriately. Barring rounding errors, it would match then.

William F Pokorny commented on Tuesday, 29 November 2016, 12:17 GMT

Now tracked on github as issue #162.


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