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Opened by Richard Callwood III - 2012-01-28
Last edited by Christoph Lipka - 2012-02-20

FS#236 - Segmentation fault with animation of large image

If the image is more than 1270 pixels wide or more than 720 pixels high, animation fails with a segmentation fault during the second rendered frame. This happens after parsing is complete and the .pov-state file is created. The last message line is the “[Rendering...]” line. (There is also a separate, but possibly related, issue that the output display does not work for these renders.)

On one occasion, POV-Ray hung, and I had to ctrl-Z kill -9 out of it.

On another occasion, instead of the segmentation fault, I got the message:

povray: xcb_io.c:140: dequeue_pending_request: Assertion `req == dpy->xcb->pending_requests' failed.

There is no crash when -D is used.

I have not run an animation this large in Windows, so I don’t know if it’s a problem there.

Neither problem occurs in POV-Ray 3.6.1.

I used the following source code:

global_settings { assumed_gamma 1 }
light_source { <-1, 1, -1> * 1000, rgb 1 }
sphere { 2.5 * z, 1 pigment { red 1 } }


Operating system: openSUSE Linux 12.1
Hardware: HP Pavilion dv5030us Notebook PC (32 bits)
Displays: 1280×800 built-in panel; 1680×1050 HP w2007 external monitor


Boost 1.48.0 (Note: bzip2 and python dependent modules did not compile, and MPI support does not work.)
Zlib 1.2.5 (LibXML 2.7.8)
LibPNG 1.5.7
LibTIFF 3.8.2
OpenEXR 1.6.1 (IlmBase 1.0.1)
SDL unknown

Closed by  Christoph Lipka
Monday, 20 February 2012, 14:13 GMT
Reason for closing:  Duplicate report
Additional comments about closing:  

tracked as  FS#235 

Thorsten Fröhlich commented on Sunday, 29 January 2012, 06:11 GMT

Do you by any chance happen to have an ATI graphics card?

Richard Callwood III commented on Saturday, 04 February 2012, 00:14 GMT

Yes, I do have an ATI graphics card. It appears to be a Radeon Xpress 200M.


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